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More talk. Less suffering. More living alive with intention and joy. Helena Dolny images a world which people engage in death-in-life conversations as part of everyday living. She Believes we'd live better and suffer less if we were to talk about dying more readily.


 'This taboo about not talking about dying... needs to be challenged'

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu




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The subject we should be all dying to talk about

Former Land Bank CEO Helena Dolny’s new book underlines the value of engaging in death-in-life conversations

by Sue Grant-Marshall

Before Forever After: When Conversations About Living Meet Questions About Dying

Helena Dolny

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It’s always too soon, until it’s too late. That’s the mantra of American NGO The Conversation Project, created to help people talk about how and where they hope to die.

They could be struggling to stay alive at all costs in hospital, surrounded by beeping machines or in the familiar comfort of home surrounded by those they love. Most people hope for good deaths — except for comedian Woody Allen, who wittily observed that he’s not afraid to die: "I just don’t want to be there when it happens."

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