LOVE LEGACY DIGNITY Life-Affirming Conversations about Mortality

Imagine that you live in the now, with your sense of the importance of  LOVE LEGACY and DIGNITY fully present, but with a preparedness for your certain mortality - with only its timing uncertain.

LOVE: that we are at peace with the state of our relationships – for better for worse.

LEGACY: that beyond the traditional matters of money and property, we’re leaving our affairs in order – no complex emotional or administrative detritus for loved ones to clear up behind us.

DIGNITY: that we secure our own by being specific about our end-of-life and posthumous wishes and in doing so we also offer dignity, pre-empting conflict, to those we leave behind.

Dr Helena Dolny is an executive, team and life coach and author of Before Forever After: When Conversations About Living Meet Questions About Dying. She is offering a course called Life Legacy Dignity consisting of eight evening classes or four alternate Saturdays. She will use a unique selection of tools drawn from different disciplines and modalities to guide you through a journey towards a self-preparedness for dying that paradoxically will be deeply life-enhancing. O

The 8 evening classes will start 6pm-9.30pm on 11th September

The 4 Saturday classes will be 9.30am – 4pm Sept 21. Oct 5, Oct 19, November 2

Cost =R7,000 plus VAT (includes venue, food, workshop materials)

Foe more information email Helena,

Helena Dolny