Should South Africa consider assisted dying to end suffering?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu's comments in favour of the right for assisted dying has sparked a conversation on whether this should be a consideration by the South African government.

702/Cape Talk's Eusebius McKaiser (standing in for Redi Tlhabi) spoke to activist for assisted dying, Helena Dolny, regarding the matter.

Dolny's late husband, Joe Slovo, died in 1995 after suffering from multiple myeloma (type of cancer). His suffering inspired her to start her advocacy for the cause.

I don't understand the point of view whether you live at all costs when there's intractable suffering. I do understand sanctity of life, I understand the arguments about not playing God.

Helena Dolny, activist for assisted dying

She said that medical advances have enabled society to allow for such interventions in efforts to end suffering.

Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada have different kinds of provisions for assisted death/physician-assisted suicide/euthanisia.

 Written by: Omogolo Taunyane